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Wallets - P1002
Price : 69.99 CAD

This wallet for women is unique mainly because of the materials used in the making. Made from recycled air chambers and leather, this wallet will catch the attention of everyone standing near you while you are using it ! The amount of pockets allow you to put a large numbers of cards and papers of all kind. Also, you will find, in the back of the wallet, a zippered pocket where you can safely put your coins.


Wallets - P1001
Price : 59.99 CAD

This wallet for men, made of recycled air chambers and leather, as a unique look. His compact format is perfect for a daily use as you can easily slide it in your back pocket.


Wallets - P1101
Price : 24.99 CAD

Made from recycled inner tubes and coloured leather, this wallet is specially made for the public transportation users. His format and his window allowing a good reading of your transit pass make this wallet perfect for your everyday use. There's also a pocket on the top of the wallet allowing you to bring some ID cards and liquidity.