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Messenger bag

Bags - Messenger bag
Price : 249.99 CAD

The C5H8 Collection messenger bag, made of recycled inner tubes and recycled black vegetal leather, is truly unique. This high quality bag is made to resist all kind of bad weather. Inside, there’s a zippered compartment whose sides are padded specifically to accommodate and protect your laptop. The interior of the bag is also equipped with multiple pockets where you can store your accessories. Finally, the strap is also adjustable and lined with recycled vegetal leather which gives comfort when traveling.

Holdall bag

Bags - Holdall bag
Price : 229.99 CAD

This handbag tote, is made of recycled inner tubes and black or burgundy vegetal leather. His unique look and comfort is due, in part, to his braided strap made of inner tubes and vegetal leather. Inside, you can find a zippered pocket and multiple compartments where you can put your favorite articles. Like all the products of C5H8 Collection, each bag is unique and superior quality.


Bags - Handbag
Price : 149.99 CAD

This high quality handbag, made from recycled inner tubes, is the perfect size bag for your everyday needs. Classy and classic, this bag as a timeless unique look ! With his vegetal leather strap, you will be able to carry this bag anywhere you want as comfortably as it get. Inside the bag, you will find some pockets where you can put small objects of your needs. The lining is made from organic black cotton.