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About us


C5H8 COLLECTION is a Quebec label that specializes in creating fashion accessories made from recycled materials.

C5H8 COLLECTION is a true company of its time that hopes to make sustainable development into a profitable and renewable business model. The company’s goal to achieve this is to create ready-to-wear fashion accessories made from a recyclable material that has very little use in Quebec: bicycle tires and air chambers.

Our mission is to offer a sustainable alternative to used bicycle tires and air chambers by recovering the material and creating fashion products. Our goal is to make recycled fashion available to everyone, by offering trendy collections and classic styles at affordable prices for truly unique pieces.

At C5H8 COLLECTION, we want to offer alternatives to consumers who want to take part in the solution for the environmental crisis.

Our Philosophy

C5H8 COLLECTION came about from an observation: Why create products from new materials when thousands of tonnes of recyclable materials are available and ready to be re-used?

We employ the principles of recycle and re-use to offer our clients with a high-quality line of products made from recyclable materials, without compromising on style!

Our Vision

Through its designs, C5H8 COLLECTION wants consumers to become “consum’actors” and be able to easily opt for more environmentally-friendly choices.

We strongly believe that it is possible to make very high-quality products that are also environmentally friendly. We are focused on the future and believe that environmental responsibility must be at the core of the creativity and artistic drive that inspires our products.

Our Values

Our decisions and actions are guided by three main values:

  • A passion for environmentally-friendly products: C5H8 COLLECTION takes great care in using the highest quality recyclable materials throughout the process to create its products.
  • Sustainable development: We believe that, not only is it possible, but it is essential for the companies of tomorrow to integrate environmental awareness into their development processes in order to ensure a sustainable future for all.
  • Favour local companies: As a company from here, that uses bicycle tires that were ridden here, we also favour local expertise and materials in the manufacturing process of our creations.